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The Company's key focus areas include development, production and supply of all types of imported and domestic ballast units and structures based on concrete weight coated pipes, as well as all types of geosynthetic, technical and polymer materials and structures required for the construction, repair and reconstruction of the main pipelines in the Gazprom Unified Gas Supply System (UGSS).

Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat operates its own production facilities equipped with the modern equipment and also cooperates with the largest Russian manufacturers and thus is able to provide the Company's customers with the competitive products in the right quantities and shortest possible time.

Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat has its own research and development, design and technological departments. The department specialists carry out continuous research and development works to improve the Company's products, provide innovations for new methods of ballasting, soil stabilization, erosion control and additional pipeline protection and raise the level of environment protection and industrial safety which are the key criteria of the products supplied by Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat.

The Company closely cooperates with the design, research and development and construction organizations thus ensuring quick response to all of the clients' demands.

Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat provides technical support of the supplied products and consults on product choice and use, depending on the specific construction conditions.

The technical and copyright supervision service ensures proper installation of the structures and technological assembly of the equipment to meet all of the standards and regulations. The Company's employees continuously take steps to detect the products that do not meet the technical requirements of Gazprom and prevent such products from being supplied for construction, repair and reconstruction of the UGSS main pipelines.

The Company's advantages include:

  • Stable cooperation with the largest Russian manufacturers;
  • 'The same day' response on the client's request, each request is handled by one manager;
  • The Company's quality management system has been certified for compliance with IS 9001:2008, GOST R 9001-2008 and STO Gazprom-2006 standards;
  • The manufactured products have been certified and meet the requirements of the GOST R Voluntary Certification System and GAZPROMCERT System;
  • The industrial safety requirements for the manufactured products have been approved by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision;
  • The products are delivered to any region by any transport and in the shortest time possible;
  • The Company's own industrial laboratory is equipped with the modern certified test equipment and calibrated measuring tools;
  • The Company provides continuous technical audit and quality control of production and acceptance of the suppliers' (manufacturers') products;
  • The Company ensures continuous technical and copyright control of the products in operation;
  • The clients are provided with technical consultations and support.

Due to a number of competitive advantages, Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat is known as a reliable and trusted manufacturer and supplier.

The Company's products are supplied to the following Gazprom facilities: North European Gas Pipeline, North European Gas Pipeline – Second Leg, Bovanenkovo-Ukhta and Ukhta-Torzhok Main Gas Pipeline System, Pochinky-Gryazovets Main Gas Pipeline, Zapolyarnoye-Urengoy, Jubga-Lazarevskoye-Sochi Main Gas Pipeline, Dzuarikau-Tskhinval, Kamchatskaya Oblast Gas Supply, Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok Main Gas Pipeline, Sakhalin Onshore Processing Facility for Kirinsky Gas Condensate Field-Gas Compressor Station, and all of the gas transport facilities required repairing and reconstructing.

See the principle technical characteristics of the products produced by Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat on the Company's website: www.gazpromss.ru.

The Company’s managers are always ready to answer any questions related to the Company's products and cooperation requirements over the following multi-channel telephone: (495) 287-37-25, e-mail: info@gazpromss.ru.

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