HR policy

Effective HR management is one of the Company’s key priorities.

Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat has been developing a flexible HR management system designed to operate in market conditions. However, this system, which aims to tackle management, labour, financial, economic, social, educational and other types of problems, cannot function without a human resources policy defining::

  • Standard principles of strategic human resources management and development;
  • The goals of human resources management;
  • Ways to improve production, technology and labour discipline;
  • New methods and systems for training and re-training personnel;
  • A coordinated rates and wages policy including modern methods of incentivising personnel and monitoring performance;
  • Economic stimuli and social guarantees;
  • A new system of certification for personnel;
  • A modern system for keeping track of and paying for labour;
  • A system for training skilled labour;
  • Protection and guaranteeing the rights of the company’s employees;
  • Methods for preparing standards and methodologies to ensure effective human resources management.


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